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Featured Video Site Section is now a monthly spot. Sorry to dissappoint and to reneg on our original promise of updated every couple weeks. Maybe we will get back to that at some point in the future. For now enjoy the videos amd read our original promise to you below!


These sites are hand picked by the Generally Awesome Staff. We try to featuring a new site every week or two. All sites feature videos, videos that we think are pretty awesome. We try to balance it out between the funny, cool, hot, awesome videos sites that are already pretty well-known and the smaller, original, quirky, unique sites that are tucked away on the internet. We hope that you enjoy these links.

March-April 2008

Interesting Videos

The Interesting Videos section on The Hatch Report is a random collection of videos of many different types. Some are interesting in that they are pretty strange or odd. Other videos are interesting by virtue of them being off-beat funny. Some of these video clips are a little creepy, and still others can give a different insight into the world around us.
January-Feb 2008

Clark & Michael

Clark and Michael is a cool documentary style show starring Michael Cera of Arrested Development and Juno fame and another guy named Clark. The premise is that they are writing partners trying to come up with a script. It is worth a watch at least once just to scene the opening title sequence.
December. 2007

Longboard Skateboard Movie

OrangeFist Longboard Movie is a film by some people who work in reality TV. They basically travelled around and went longboarding in different places and made a film about it. Pretty fun, you should check out this trailer video and if you like it, support it with a purchase.
November. 2007

Skateboarding Videos

Skateboarding Videos on CWHatch.com is a good place to find links to all kinds of skateboarding video resources. Whether you want to watch skateboard video clips online for free or you want to purchase skateboarding DVD's and videos for entertainment or instructional purposes, this page has great links.
Sept-Oct. 2007

Manic World:

Manic World looks like a best of YouTube site. The variety is wide, the overall quality of the videos is consistently good. All kinds of stuff to browse, and nicely linked to keep you clicking around to other similar videos. A fun place to watch some internet videos.
August 2007

Rhett and Link:

Rhett and Link are a couple of awesome guys who make some pretty entertaining videos. Their popularity and prolific video output have attracted some major corporate attention, as the videos they have created are featured on several corporate owned websites. Go to their site to watch awesome videos and learn more about this cool duo.
July 2007

Fake TV Ads & Commercials:

Fake TV Ads & Commercials is one of the featured video channels on Generally Awesome Videos. The collection of awesome videos includes some fake tv ads we have made as well as fake commercial spots from other creators. Also, there are some real adverstisements that are funny or cool, or use created ads for real products. You can sort it all out.
June 2007


Galacticast is full of parodies, spoofs, spin offs and many other movie related humor videos. As the groups name suggests, they deal primarily in lampooning and spoofing SciFi, but also throw in references to horror films and action movies as well. The group has been around for about a year now, and look to be going strong in the funny video business.
May 2007


Update Their website is down right now, so I am providing a link to a third party site to allow you to still see some of their stuff. If their show makes it to TV, maybe the site will come back? Nobody's Watching is a website dedicated to original videos that poke fun of the whole world of TV. Features include great spoofs of less-than-the-best TV shows. Aside from videos there are some pretty funny photos of these guys at red carpet events, etc. All in all it is an awesome place to watch videos and laugh!
April 2007

The Television:

The Television has all kinds of funny videos you can watch, plus they give you the ability to download them to your iPod (not that GenerallyAwesome condones that kind of thing)! There is a variety of video styles represented. From finger puppets to claymation, from parodies of commercials to spoofs of the news, you will find some pretty awesome videos.
March 2007


Hippo Works features flash animation videos and games with a bend toward environmental and conservation awareness! With a pretty interesting cast of characters (lots of animals, LOTS of hippos) and flashy colors, this site will be able to hold your attention for at least a little while.
February 2007

Will it Blend:

Will It Blend? That is the question! The guys at Blendtek try to answer this question is a series of videos. In each video they take something pretty outlandish and try to blend it up. The results are pretty awesome. Check out their site for a full list or see our favorites: What Will it Blend Next?.
December 2006

Ultimate Showdown of Destiny:

"Ultimate Showdown of Destiny" is an animated music video portraying various celebrity matches. The showdowns become increasingly random, and at first this is a little unsettling. However, after a minute the viewers mind stops thinking too hard about the implications of these random match-ups and the video just washes over you. Overall it's a very creative and awesome animated video!
November 2006

Olde English:

Olde English is another New York City area humor group. They have some great videos (many of which we have slipped into our revver video widgets on the site). There are even more great, hilarious videos to see if you go to their site.
October 2006

Sam Parker Revue:

I love this set of videos because some of them have the look and feel of being filmed in someone's empty apartment in Brooklyn or something. Still the flair, style and humor come through in these videos by the Sam Parker Revue .
September 2006

Cover Pop:

This site, even if you never watch a video, will be a visual treat. It it is a collage of stills from 1001 of the most popular/highest rated videos on YouTube.com. The images are very small, but when you mouse over information, links and a larger thumbnail pop-up to let you decide whether or not you still want to watch the video. I know that you will also be amazed by CoverPop.com and this cool page. You can even use his Amazon.com CoverPop ad banner button to make some money (see site for details).
August 2006

Public Domain Comedy:

After a certain time creative works fall into the public domain, meaning that they are free for anyone to use without any copyright restrictions. The site PDcomedy features funny videos of this kind. They were made some time ago, but are still very funny. Enjoy PDcomedy.com classic humor and funny videos, with Lucy, Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and more celebrities of the past!
July 2006

GrindTV Snowboarding Videos!:

I love snowboarding. It is so much fun and can be challenging if you push yourself. While it is more fun to do than watch, it is still pretty fun to watch the pros, especially in the summer when there is no snow! Check out GrindTV.com snowboarding videos. They have tons of videos from other extreme sports, too.
June 2006

Mentos & Coke!:

What do you do when you have a giant surplus of Mentos mints, Diet coke, and spare time? Well apparently you make your own version of the Water Show at the Bellagio Hotel. Watch this mad science experiment at EepyBird.com
May 2006

Product Invasion Fake Commercials & Videos:

Reality TV has become a scourge on our society. Very low brow, this form of entertainment plays on the basic human desire to watch other people make complete fools of themselves. A group of Reality TV writers (yes, those shows have writers) are biting the hand that feeds them by spoofing the Reality Genre's need to embrace commercial endorsements. Visit Product Invasion
April 2006

Weasel Breath Videos:

This loveable comic strip character makes his pick on some videos that might really be called Weird Videos. He also gives an instructional series about becoming a stunt man called How To Stunt
January 2006

Trunk Monkey Ads:

Trunk Monkey An auto dealership in Oregon called Suburban auto group put together these ads. They are hilarious. Enjoy their commercials, which presumably were aired only locally. Who knows, this might even be a good place to buy a car?
December 2005

Worms Eye Films:

WormsEyeFilms.com First off, the site design is awesome. It has elements similar to some GenerallAwesome sites (the notebook look is similar to WeaselBreath.com and the wood panel is similar to GenerallyAwesome.com banner. The movies are quirky, but very well produced. The look of everything is very polished, from the site design to the short film productions. Enjoy these videos.
November 2005


Revver.com Site that features a whole bunch of videos uploaded by the creators of the videos. Good place to watch videos, good place to post videos you have made. Videos of all genre, quality of production, location, theme, etc.

Kahn Artist:

Kahn-artist.com Very funny videos. Zachary Kahn does an awesome job of inserting himself into scenes from movies in a funny way. And let me say that it is way funny. Don't believe me? Watch Biggie & Tupac.

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