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Dummy with a Dumbbell

or more accurately 'Idiot w/ a Barbell'

A teenage kids tries to make a tape showing just how awesome he is. The first step is to take the shirt off in order to show off the muscles. After setting the camera on his desk and turning it on he picks up the barbell from the floor. It is at this point the best part happens and the kids proceeds to call for his mommy, literally.

The name of the video is more accurately described as "Idiot w/ a Barbell" since the barbell is the type of weight bar that is wider and meant for two hands. While he is not actually using a dumbbell, which is smaller and is usually used for weight training on one arm at a time (or one dumbbell in each hand) I think it sounds better to call it "Dummy w/ a Dumbbell." It just has a certain ring to it.
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