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Generally Awesome Videos presents...

Fake Commercials

This page was originally created a place only for fake commercials. The intent was to get a bunch of fake ads that were spoofs of products or parodies of other popular advertisements. As things have moved along, some real commercials have also creeped in next to the fake ones. The thing all these commercials have in common is that all of the ads are funny. So whether you want to see funny fake commercials that lampoon real ads or funny commercials for real products, there is plenty here for you to emjoy.
Crankin' Dynamite
Accent Elimination Program
BroHarmony.com Buddy Matching Service
Worst Commercial Ever
Making Movies Isn't Monkey Business
Normalsin: For When You Feel Generally Pretty OK
TV Ad Mascot You Can Least Trust Alone w/ Your Wife
Cooties: Spread the Truth!
50 Cent Vitamin Water Commercial
The Many Perils of Studying Too Hard - Math
50 Cent Reebok Commercial
Mac vs. PC South Park Style
X-tra Thin Radical Weight Loss Pill
Butter Commercial
Captain Kleen
City of Dallas Going Out of Business Sale
The Door Store
iPoop Featuring Eminem
Safe Filming Awareness Week
CASH: The Wedding-- cash reasserts itself as a medium of exchange
CASH: The Operation-- cash tells of its exclusive benefits.
CASH: The Development-- cash responds to Mastercard Ads
Life Sentence Records Presents Silver Dollar
Prioritizzle Mizzle a.k.a. Mail in da Hood
Jedi Night School Trailer
Where do Hair Balls Come From?
McDonald's Biatch!
Hameron Airlines Ad
Plural Wireless

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